couples massage is the perfect way to unwind and relax with your significant other.  Each of you will experience a day of relaxation and relief as you are massaged side by side, each with your own personal therapist. Couples massage therapy provides many of the same benefits you would get from other styles of  massages, however, it does have a few bonuses. This therapy gives couples an opportunity to bond over a shared, special experience. Whether you communicate during the treatment, or simply relax in silence, you will no doubt be closer with your significant other after your massage.

This treatment is great for all types of couples, and relationships, whether it is romantic or friendship, and especially family, it is the ultimate indulgence is perfect for bonding and bringing people closer together.

Benefits of Couples Massage Therapy

  • Opportunity to bond
  • Being with a loved one increases comfortability
  • Each massage is personalized to each individuals needs
  • Romantic, relaxing, and rejuvenating
  • Numerous physical benefits of massage therapy

Whether you are stressed, depressed, in pain, or anything in between, you can benefit from the advanced massage techniques at Footprints on the Moon. We are deeply committed to your well being and overall health and look forward to bringing you the relief you deserve. Schedule your couples massage today by booking online and enjoy the best massage in St. Cloud, Florida.