A head, face, and neck massage is an amazing method for relieving many physical ailments that are present in our every day lives. This massage is great for relieving headaches, sinus pain and pressure, TMJ problems, and gently drain lymph stagnation. Not only does this treatment provide numerous health benefits, it also creates a deep sense of relaxation. This massage therapy is available with or without cupping, whereas facial cupping can also create a temporary “face-lift” effect.

Benefits of Head, Face, and Neck Massage

  • Relieve headaches
  • Alleviate sinus pressure
  • Reduce neck aches and pains
  • Lessen sinus pains
  • Reduce TMJ problems

Whether you are stressed, depressed, in pain, or anything in between, you can benefit from the advanced massage techniques at Footprints on the Moon. We are deeply committed to your well being and overall health and look forward to bringing you the relief you deserve. Schedule your head, face, and neck massage today by booking online and enjoy the best massage in St. Cloud, Florida.