Therapeutic massage therapy is a great method for reducing ongoing aches and pains. As one of the best-known types of bodywork performed today, one of the main goals of a therapeutic massage is to relax the body using long, flowing strokes in combination with concentrated, deeper work to help break up adhesions, increase flexibility, and most importantly, relieve pain. The benefits of therapeutic massage therapy goes beyond reducing pain, such as, increasing your oxygen levels, and increasing your muscle’s health.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy

  • Reduce body pains and increase your flexibility
  • Lessen dependence on medications
  • Reduce cramping and muscle aches
  • Promote good posture
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Lower blood pressure

If you are in pain, you can benefit from the massage techniques at Footprints on the Moon. We are deeply committed to your well being and overall health and look forward to bringing you the relief you deserve. Schedule your Therapeutic massage today by booking online and enjoy the best massage in St. Cloud, Florida.