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School’s In Session Special

School’s In Session Special!!
$45 for 60 minute session
Limited Availability~~Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday appointment starting time between 8:30am-12:30pm, Wednesday from 8:30am-11:30am starting times. Not available on holidays or student days off. Appointments start Friday, September 4th.

Call 407-436-2122

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Foodie Friday!

With school starting just around the corner, a big concern of mine is making sure my kids have healthy lunches at school that will help to fuel their minds and bodies.  At most schools, lunch is 30 minutes average and that includes the time to get to the lunchroom and go through the line. […]

Wellness Wednesday~~How to quiet your mind

One of my favorite websites is Mindbodygreen.  There is so much wonderful and useful information for everything from your mind to your body.  Quieting the mind is one of the biggest challenges most of us face.  This article gives some easy tips on how to make it happen for you.  I especially like number […]

Tuesday’s Tip! Back to work self-care

With school back in session, the stress may be coming back as well.  Your best option is to schedule your massage during the Easter Special of $45 for one hour.  The next best option is self-care.  Sitting at a computer, driving, even standing for long periods can wreak havoc on your body.  Getting up, […]

Easter Special!! $45 for a one hour massage of choice

Happy Monday morning!! Easter special starts tomorrow through Saturday!! Enjoy a one hour massage of your choice for only $45. Appointment hours are between 9am and 7:30pm. 407-436-2122 **I will be out of the office today (Monday) but available by phone starting at 8am Tuesday morning.

Monday Morning Massage Minute

It’s hard to believe March is almost over and we are a quarter of the way through 2015.  This has been a busy year so far, which I am very thankful for.  I’ve been working a lot with Florida Little Dog Rescue, assisting with their medical care and adoption events.  The most recent being […]

Chakra Sunday~~Throat Chakra

Also known as the 5th, or Throat Chakra, the vishuddha (or vishuddhi) is the centre that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. It’s balance will determine how honest you are, and how well you can express yourself with the people around you. It is through this chakra that we speak our […]

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Chakra Sunday~~Heart Chakra

Also known as the 4th or Heart Chakra, the Anahata is our energy center from which love, joy, happiness and compassion eminate from. It also allows us to feel sorrow, sadness, anger, and lust, all of which are feelings of the lower heart chakra – but essential in understanding ourselves in this World, so that […]

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Chakra Sunday~~Solar Plexus Chakra

Also known as the Solar-plexus or 3rd chakra, the Manipura is located just above the naval and below the rib cage. It is our energy center and it radiates vital life energy (prana) through-out our entire body. It is where our Will Power comes from;  our ability to achieve, self-esteem, raw emotions, and self-discipline […]

Chakra Sunday~~Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second chakra in the energy line and is located two inches below your navel.

Also known as the 2nd, Navel or Sacral Chakra, the word Svadisthana is Sanskrit for “dwelling place of the Self”. This is the chakra that rules our physical manifestation, is the seat of our creativity and […]